2022 Annual Report

To our stakeholders

Transforming challenges into opportunities

For Marel, 2022 was a year of transformation amid challenges. Our team’s strong collaborative culture and drive for innovation allowed us to navigate obstacles and help our customers do the same. We achieved record orders and aftermarket revenues, launched 33 new solutions and made significant investments to transform and future-proof our business.

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Arnar Thor Masson

“We are connected to our rich history, the potential of today and our promising future. In March 2023, we celebrated a milestone—our 40th anniversary. With a history of consistent growth averaging 21% annually over the past four decades, we are proud of our achievements and excited for what is to come.”

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Chief Executive Officer

Arni Oddur Thordarson

“Sustainability is at the center of our business strategy and our vision of a world where quality food is processed affordably and sustainably. We are passionate about creating circular designs—solutions built to be durable, evolvable and repairable, empowered with software to use raw materials, water and energy more efficiently to help our customers improve profitability and fulfill their sustainability commitments.”

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Marel in brief

Uniting diverse people with a shared vision

As a leading global provider of food processing systems, software and services, we have a diverse team of around 8,000 employees in more than 30 countries. Our people are our most important asset, and their unique perspectives and experiences are vital to our success. We are united in our passion to connect, innovate and transform the global food processing industry.

2022 in brief

Financial highlights



Adjusted EBIT margin

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Orders received


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Delivering growth

Connecting customers with their full potential

For Marel, connectivity is key to delivering growth, and we are focused on creating strong connections throughout the entire value chain. Through our advanced automation and digital solutions, we empower our customers to create value in a sustainable manner. In 2022, Marel’s growth continued with the addition of our new pillar, Plant, Pet and Feed.


Delivering value through excellence

Industry excellence would not be possible without our valued shareholders, who contribute to Marel’s steady growth. We are proud of our dual listing on Euronext Amsterdam and Nasdaq Iceland, which has strengthened our capital structure and broadened our analyst coverage. We are committed to delivering long-term value to our shareholders through innovative solutions and sustainable growth.

Responsible growth

Innovating for a more sustainable future

We are dedicated to improving the food value chain and promoting economic growth, while always prioritizing the wellbeing of people and our planet. Innovation is at the core of our sustainability efforts, and we develop cutting-edge solutions that maximize resource utilization and minimize environmental impact. In line with these efforts, we are committed to becoming net-zero by 2040.